A Tickertape Spoken Portrait is a professionally produced audio feature about a person. It is narrated by them, or by those who know them best. These are the forms it can take:

  • a life-story — a kind of spoken memoir or spoken self-portrait — or a chapter of that story;
  • an audio tribute to someone special, as told by their friends, colleagues or family;
  • the story of a career;
  • an account of a project or adventure;
  • a celebration of what makes a person tick — a collection of memories linked to their passions, like food or gardening.

Why commission a Spoken Portrait?

So many reasons! Here are a few:

  • as a personal project – perhaps you have been thinking about writing your memoirs, but have struggled to put pen to paper;
  • to record the stories of a close family-member, colleague or friend in a way that really captures their voice and personality;
  • as a thoughtful and unique gift, perhaps for a retirement, special birthday or anniversary;
  • to celebrate someone special with an audio-tribute;
  • to mark the achievements of a colleague, such as a retiring Chair;
  • as a valuable and engaging addition to a family or business archive.


What's involved in producing a Spoken Portrait?

There are typically four broad stages to the process.

  • Planning. We discuss with you the scope and shape of the project, topics to cover and — in the case of audio tributes — people to interview.
  • Interviewing. We usually interview people at their home or workplace. We can also interview people over the phone.
  • Editing. We carefully and sensitively edit the material together to produce a feature that flows naturally and seamlessly, without the voice of the interviewer. We meticulously remove long hesitations, “Ums” and “Ers” and finesse the sound quality.
  • Producing the Spoken Portraits. Finally, we prepare text to accompany the CDs, discuss designs with you, and arrange for everything to be printed.

How are they presented?

A Spoken Portrait come as an audio CD in a beautiful hand-bound presentation box. We also provide the digital MP3 file on a USB stick. The box includes a paper insert with a summary of key events and contributors.

Find out about our CD presentation boxes>>

What's the cost?

The cost of a Spoken Portrait will vary depending on things like the number of interviews, the length of the feature and travel and accommodation for interviews outside London. We will provide a bespoke quotation after we have talked through your ideas for a project. For more information about costs, get in touch.