Weddings, Civil Partnerships & Anniversaries

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Tell your story

Weddings, civil partnerships and anniversaries are wonderful opportunities to celebrate your story as a couple. Perhaps the event is the culmination of a riveting whirlwind romance. Or maybe you’ve been together for years, and it’s a milestone in a long journey filled with surprising twists and turns. You’ll likely be thinking deeply about what you value most about your life together, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

A Spoken Portrait is a unique and special way to capture those memories and reflections. By interviewing both of you shortly before or after the big day, we can create a feature for you to treasure for years to come: a reminder of long-forgotten stories, and a snapshot of how you felt at this joyful moment.

Image of a Spoken Portrait presented as a CD in a hand-bound presentation box

Family and friends

Weddings on hold? Show your love with an Audio Tribute

Our Audio Tributes are bespoke audio features starring family and friends telling the story of a couple and what’s great about them. Our expert producer records telephone and internet interviews and then edits them carefully and sensitively into a heartfelt and entertaining feature for you to present as a gift.

They’re a unique way of bringing together the memories and well-wishes of loved ones scattered across the globe.

Here’s what one bride-to-be had to say on hearing the surprise tribute we produced for her and her fiancé during lockdown.

Everyone knew how disappointed we were when we had to postpone the wedding (I’ve been waiting 11 years!!! – it was our 11 year anniversary). It really was brilliant to hear my friends and family say those wonderful things. It really brightened up our day/week/month/year! I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, and smiled till my face couldn’t take it! 
— Lisa, Knebworth


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