Spoken self-portraits

Do you have a story to tell? Does someone important to you?

A spoken self-portrait can be:

  • a life-story — a kind of spoken memoir — or a chapter of that story;
  • the story of a career;
  • an account of a project or adventure;
  • a celebration of what makes a person tick — a collection of memories linked to their passions, like music or gardening. For example, one self-portrait we did recently is inspired by the subject’s love of fashion and food.

Spoken self-portraits are a great way of capturing a person’s stories, voice and personality. We produce them from recorded interviews, so there is no need for the subject to put pen to paper which can be a challenge for even the most prolific correspondent. They come as broadcast-quality, handsomely presented audio CDs.

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Mum has wonderful stories and doesn’t realise how well she tells them. I’ve always wanted to find a way to capture some of her memories. But, as her daughter, I’ve never found an appropriate moment to whip out a tape recorder! So I invited Rosie to collaborate with my mum on her spoken memoirs. They developed its scope together in a way that resulted in a very joyful portrait. Rosie used broadcast quality recording equipment and edited it beautifully. It’s something for mum to be proud of and for us all to treasure.

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An Impressario Recalls his Time in Theatre: Spoken Portrait (Clips)

These extracts come from a one-hour piece in which Sir Bob Scott recalls his time as Managing Director of the Manchester Palace and Opera House from 1977 to 1991. We based the portrait on interviews with Sir Bob at his home. The short musical excerpts are from the shows, ballets and operas that he talks about. Here’s what Sir Bob said about the experience:

I found the whole process liberating. I had long been thinking of trying to put some memories down but finding it impossible to put pen to paper. Working with Rosie on a spoken self-portrait of one important period of my life gave me the editorial focus and impetus I needed. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable and now I have CDs to give to friends and family.

A Celebration of a Lifelong Passion for Fashion and Food: Spoken Portrait (Clips)

These clips are taken from a 40 minute piece in which the subject recalls her childhood growing up during the war, her time studying fashion and working as a professional dress designer, and her early married life. We were commissioned to produce the portrait by her daughter, who thought it would be a lovely project for her mother to work on. Rather than attempt to cover all aspects of her mother’s life during those years, we decided to focus on two of her great passions and joys: food and fashion. You can listen to the full 40 minute self-portrait here.