Do you have a story to tell? Does someone important to you?
  • Tell your story without having to put pen to paper
  • Capture the memories, voice and personality of someone important to you
  • Celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or retirement with a thoughtful and hugely meaningful gift
  • Collaborate with an expert producer on your spoken memoirs
  • Make a lasting addition to your family archive for future generations to treasure

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most precious gifts you could ever give to yourself and those you love.
— Shola, London


The Spoken Portrait of my mother was done as a 90th birthday gift. She absolutely loves it! However, it has in fact been as much a gift to ourselves as to her. We now have this wonderful story of her life, in her own words, to treasure.
— Donna, London

What are Spoken Portraits?

Tickertape Spoken Portraits are beautifully crafted audio features telling the story of your life in your words, for you and your loved ones to treasure. We also produce them as gifts for a special birthday or anniversary, from a person’s family, partner, friends or colleagues.

Our expert producer will explore with you what would be best to talk about. For example the portrait could be:

  • a life-story — a kind of spoken memoir — or a chapter of that story;
  • the story of a career;
  • a celebration of what makes a person tick;
  • a couple’s story of their life together.

We base our Spoken Portraits on interviews with people usually at their home. We can also interview people by phone or internet. We record the conversations, and then edit them carefully and sensitively into a feature that flows seamlessly without the interviewer’s voice. They come as an audio CD in a beautiful hand-bound box for you to treasure for years to come.

An Impressario Recalls his Time in Theatre (Clips)

These extracts come from a one-hour Spoken Portrait in which Sir Bob Scott recalls his time as Managing Director of the Manchester Palace and Opera House from 1977 to 1991. We based the Portrait on interviews with Sir Bob at his home. The short musical excerpts are from the shows, ballets and operas that he talks about. Here’s what Sir Bob said about the experience:

I found the whole process liberating. I had long been thinking of trying to put some memories down but finding it impossible to put pen to paper. Working with Rosie on a spoken self-portrait of one important period of my life gave me the editorial focus and impetus I needed. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable.

A Celebration of a Lifelong Passion for Fashion and Food (Clips)

These clips are taken from a 40 minute Spoken Portrait in which the subject recalls her childhood growing up during the war, her time studying fashion and working as a professional dress designer, and her early married life. We were commissioned to produce the portrait by her daughter, who thought it would be a lovely project for her mother to work on. Rather than attempt to cover all aspects of her mother’s life during those years, we decided to focus on two of her great passions and joys: food and fashion. You can listen to the full 40 minute self-portrait here.

Portrait of a Maker: Podcast for lush cosmetics

This podcast is from the Meet the Maker series of mini-documentaries that we produced for LUSH cosmetics in collaboration with Cathy Haynes. Each one is an audio portrait of a person or team going about their specialist process, giving us a sensory-rich insight into what they’re thinking, doing and sensing as they work.

Here, we followed Master Paper Maker Gary Fuller at Frogmore Mill as he made a new kind of packaging paper from banana fibre. When the machines were rolling the Mill was incredibly noisy! The challenge for us was both to capture Gary’s voice as cleanly as possibly, and to record and mix in the mechanical sounds so as to give the listener the feeling of being there inside the Mill as the paper was being made.

Portrait of a Children's Opera: Podcasts for Blackheath Halls

This is another example of the kind of audio portraits we produce for organisations. It’s the first in a series of ten podcasts about Paws & Padlocks: a newly commissioned children’s opera by composer Kate Whitley and writer Sabrina Mahfouz. The podcasts follow the people involved in producing the opera from the writing and fundraising stages through to rehearsals and the final performance. You can listen to all ten podcasts in the series on Soundcloud

Paws & Padlocks was commissioned by Blackheath Halls with support from the Arts Council England and a number of other charitable trusts. It premiered at the Blackheath Halls in April 2017. You’ll find more information on the Blackheath Halls website